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Welcome to the pages of Dieter and Joy´s Photography

Here you find images taken around the Maltese Islands above and below water. Our passion is underwater and landscape photography.
On the following pages you will find our photo gallery containing Maltese landscapes, underwater photography, Maltese architecture, natural events, animals, and a small section with stock photography.
Our most sold Items you can check out in our Lightbox. Some of our featured images can be purchased as fine art prints through Red Bubble.

We are not only spending hours under water, waiting some times for weeks until the weather plays along to find the right moment for our images. There is also a lot of time we invest in improving our website and our newest baby is the exhibition of under water photography. There we want to show everything found in the Mediterranean sea around the Maltese islands. It is not possible to compete with tropical waters but the Mediterranean still has it´s beauty. In our exhibition we don´t want to show you only images of wrecks and sea life, we also want to tell you a little about the captured object.
The same goes for our new passion in exploring ruins, abandoned places and buildings. We just made a start with Fort Campbell. Please have a look and stop by often to see changes and additions.

Thank you very much for stopping by and hoping to see you often.

Dieter and Joy

Site News
From January 1, 2017 we will be hosting the website on our own server. At the same time we will be combining our family websites Dieter and Joy Photography, the site you are just visiting and Joy's Crochet Studio into 1 single website

Photo and Crochet

Til than we are building and adding content. If you feel like just check up frequently on our progress.
Thanks a lot for visiting

Dieter and Ratchanee

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